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What does an orthodontist do?

While orthodontists generally get a bad rap owing to the role they have historically played in the affixing of braces to the teeth of countless, untold generations of children, the reality is that this specialty specializes in protecting your teeth from the pain and expense of oral surgery. In short, the orthodontist is tasked with doing everything in their power to fix their patient’s teeth without resorting to surgical procedures. In other words, if you are dreading the drills and pain of oral surgery, the orthodontist is potentially your best friend in the world.

Patients typically are referred to an orthodontia specialist after the family dentist detects poor tooth alignment, which might suggest an improper bite that will only grow worse with time. Specifically, the field of orthodontics works with braces, headgear, retainers, and other mechanical hardware to improve the patient’s overall appearance, and their ability to chew and swallow their dinner painlessly.

How can we help?

Orthodontics care gives you back your smile and helps make your teeth healthy again. The orthodontists at A-1 Dentist Houstons are here to provide the specialized orthodontics care that you need. Our friendly staff can provide you with all the information you need to learn about orthodontics assessment, care, treatment and costs.


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What are the different types of braces?

With the many options available nowadays, the A-1 Dentist Houstons Orthodontics team can help you maintain your appearance while still wearing braces.

Traditional braces the metal braces used today are composed of lightweight, high grade, stainless steel metal brackets that affix to each tooth with a type of cement. These brackets, in turn, are connected with archwires that apply gentle pressure designed to slowly position the teeth into their correct spacing.

Lingual braces  Lingual braces straighten your teeth, differing from traditional braces in some respects. Rather than placing braces in front of your teeth, the orthodontist places lingual braces behind the teeth. Colgate explains that lingual braces, “Offer a great cosmetic alternative for those who want their teeth straightened, without the braces showing.”

Ceramic braces, the development of ceramic braces, which function exactly like traditional metal braces, are a popular choice for adults looking into orthodontic treatment options because they’re made from clear, transparent ceramic that are less visible to others.

Invisalign Invisalign is another alternative to traditional braces. The orthodontist customizes Invisalign specifically for you, then uses a series of invisible aligners that gradually move your teeth into proper position without brackets and wires. You can remove Invisalign aligners to eat, brush and floss.

One thing that has not changed is the fact that you must take care of your oral health while wearing braces. You must also avoid certain foods, which the knowledgeable A-1 Dentist Houstons staff will discuss with you.

What is the cost of braces?

Your insurance usually covers some portion of the cost of braces. However, for patients who reached the cap on their insurance or who do not have insurance, we do offer an extensive list of payment options, including payment plans, loans and other types of credit.

To learn more about the exact cost of braces, dentures or other specific treatments, please schedule free consultation with one of our treatment coordinators. Our treatment coordinators can help break down your payments into affordable, easy-to-pay monthly installments so you can regain and enjoy affordable oral health. You can save even more when you check out our specials page, join our monthly newsletter and Like our Facebook page to take advantage of coupons and offers available throughout the month.


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