The Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation to assess the position of the teeth and to create a custom treatment plan, which will show the expected progress of the teeth. It can even provide a preview of the final results. The custom aligners will be created according to the treatment plan. Each aligner must be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day for effective treatment and will be changed out approximately every week. As they are worn, each aligner (worn in a specific order) will gradually change the position of the teeth by exerting a small amount of pressure on them. They can shift the teeth horizontally, vertically, and can even rotate them, if needed. The average treatment lasts 12 months for adults, depending on the severity of the case. Treatment time may vary for teenagers. Once treatment is complete, it will be recommended to use a retainer in order to maintain the new position of the teeth and prevent them from shifting back.


Bonding is one of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic dental procedures. It is often used to repair a decayed or fractured tooth. In addition, because it can easily be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth, bonding can be used for cosmetic purposes, such as to improve the appearance of a discolored or chipped tooth and to close spaces between teeth. It can also be used to make teeth look longer or to change a tooth’s shape or color. Occasionally, it is used as an alternative to amalgam fillings or to protect a portion of a tooth’s root that has become exposed due to receding gums.

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Do you dream of a whiter smile? Tried over-the-counter teeth whitening products and have had no success? At OC Dental, we are proud to offer both in-office and at-home professional teeth whitening for our patients that are interested in achieving a brighter, whiter, more healthy-looking smile.

When it comes to the color of our smiles, there are quite a few factors that can lead to discoloration and dulling, luckily with our professional teeth whitening services. We can help! These factors include age, genetics, medications, diet and even lifestyle choices. With professional teeth whitening, however, you can achieve a bright smile while still enjoying the things you love.


Missing teeth are not only inconvenient and uncomfortable, but they can also have negative effects on your jaw and oral health. When a tooth is lost or extracted, the bone where it once was no longer has anything to support and will start to recede. This can result in a change to the bite and even facial structure. Missing teeth also make it difficult to eat and enjoy the foods you normally do. One of the most well-known and popular solutions for missing teeth is dentures, complete and partial. They are a removable dental appliance that is custom-made to fit a patient’s jaw. Complete dentures are used if all the teeth have been lost while partials can be used if some of the natural teeth are still present.

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